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Plastic Recycling Equipment


This plastic equipment includes Belt Conveyor, Crushing Machine, Blower & Cyclone, or Screw Conveyor & Storage barrel/ Space pack.
1. Feed the raw materials from the belt conveyor into the crusher.
2. After the materials crushed into scraps (granules),
a. The blower draws the scraps (granules) from the crusher to cyclone. The scraps (granules) will be saved in the cyclone.
b. Send the scraps (granules) via screw conveyor from the crusher to storage barrel or space pack.
3. Constant work, save labor force and time, increase output capacity.
4. Our products can be customized to meet customer’s specific needs and solve all the problems and difficulties during producing g process.

Optional Equipments

1. Blower: 3HP~10HP, according to the power of crusher
  Cyclone: 350~1000kg
  Suggestions: a. Crusher (20HP) + Blower (3HP) + Cyclone (350~500kg)
         b. Crusher (50HP) + Blower (5HP) + Cyclone (750~1000kg)
2. Screw Conveyor
  Special requirement: Galvanized Iron made, or with cover easy for cleaning.