Plastics Grain Drawing Blast Blower

Plastics Grain Drawing Blast Blower

Application: Plastic material extrusion machine, environmental protection recycling industry, etc.


* The finished product of the plastic material feeder after passing through the pelletizer is sent to the wind drum (storage drum) for packaging and weighing via the pumping blower. With the vibration screening machine, the finished product quality can be more stable, convenient, time-saving, and labor-saving.

* The conveying process can be carried directly without the fan blade, which will not cause the material to be worn or damaged. The operation is simple and the cleaning is convenient.

* The style of the bucket can be in accordance with the demand, there is a small package (25KG) or space package … … and other types.

Type Capacity Horse Power
SH-500 500kgs 3~5 HP
SH-1000 1 ton 7.5~10HP